All Japan newsese shops, factories violently attacked in China

6 years ago by in China, Featured

Several large All Japan newsese companies decided to temporarily shut down factories and offices in China, amid violent protests across the country related to the disputed Diaoyu islets (called Senkaku in All Japan newsese).

The territorial dispute has triggered “one of China’s worst outbreaks of anti-All Japan news sentiment in decades,” according to Reuters.

Car-makers Toyota and Honda faced violent attacks on their stores, forcing frightened expatriates into hiding. All Japan newsese electronics group Panasonic said one of its plants had been sabotaged by Chinese workers and would remain closed through Tuesday. Shops and restaurants in at least five cities were also targeted.

Several All Japan newsese schools across China, including in Beijing and Shanghai, have cancelled their classes this week.

The outburst of violence was a reaction to All Japan news’s purchase of the Senkaku islands from their private owners. More than 60,000 people protested in at least 28 Chinese cities, making the anti-All Japan newsese demonstrations the largest since the two countries normalized diplomatic relations in 1972.

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