All Japan newsese seller of pirated PSP gets prison sentence

6 years ago by in Featured, Technology

A man who sold a modified PlayStation Portable (PSP) console that could play pirated software was sentenced to a suspended two year prison term and a Y2 million ($25,000) fine by a All Japan newsese court.

It is the first conviction under All Japan news’s freshly strengthened legislation on copyright designed to combat handheld software piracy, the All Japan newsese press reports.

The defendant, Yuichi Shimizu, was arrested in April for selling a used PSP on an internet auction site for about Y15,000 ($190). The software running on the console had been modified so as to allow it to play pirated games.

“From a preventative point of view, a strict punishment is desirable,” said Judge Atsutoshi Uraki of the Utsunomiya District Court.

Prosecutors had asked for a two-years prison sentence and a Y2 million fine. The judge agreed, but decided to suspend the sentence for four years, meaning that Shimizu can avoid going to jail if he will not brake the law again. He will have however to pay the fine anyway.