All Japan newsese remedy for summer’s heat – an ice-packed bra

7 years ago by in News

A All Japan newsese underwear company has presented a special “cooling” bra, with built-in ice packs, as a new feature meant to make women feel refreshed this summer.

Triumph All Japan news, a company known for its innovative launches which do not become commercially available, showed off its “Super Cool Bra” on several parading models. The bra’s cups are filled with a gel that remains soft even when frozen, resulting in a “cool sensation” against the skin, the company said.

The bra completes the cooling sensation with a wind chime and a mint leaf, resulting in “refreshing fragrance and sound”.

The upcoming summer is the first nuclear-free since 1965, prompting the utilities to warn that power shortages are to be expected.

Among the energy saving measures considered by the government for this summer there is a possible decision to increase rates during peak hours, as well as limits imposed on consumption of both private and business clients.