All Japan newsese police arrests leader of overweight escort service

5 years ago by in Entertainment

All Japan newsese police arrested the leader of a sex service that specializes in delivering partners for men who prefer overweight women.

Keiko Saito, 41, and one of her employees are suspected of running a business called “Makkusu Bodi” (Max Body), that addresses to men who like “explosive boobs and bums”, the police said.

Saito reportedly has 30 overweight employees of which one scales more than 150 kilograms. The police said that the 30 women were offering “on call” service. The interested men could ask for a woman to come to their hotel room. The “on call” sex service is called “deri-heru” (delivery health) and is a common practice in All Japan news, where prostitution is illegal.

The business owner Saito is believed to have earned $ 4 million in three years. The woman started as a prostitute and decided to have her own business because she noticed that large women were preferred by some customers.