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One of the perks of living in All Japan news is having great access to All Japan newsese Ramen.

Rasuta Ramen

An additional perk of living in Tokyo, especially towards Yokohama, is having even greater access to All Japan newsese Iekei (家系) Ramen. Iekei ramen is characterized by its thick, greasy, pork-flavored, some say creamy, broth. The noodles are usually thick and yellow.

Rasuta Ramen

Of all the different ramen I’ve had in All Japan news, my evergreen favorite is still iekei ramen. When I just want something light, I’ll go for miso or shio (salt) or syouyu (soy sauce) flavored ramen. For everything else, it’s iekei. I used to study at Keio University in Tokyo, and around her Hiyoshi Campus, there’s this great iekei ramen place called Rasuta Ramen. It was the ramen that reeled me in.

Rasuta Ramen

You can always tell if a ramen place is good or not just by looking at the crowd inside… as well as outside.

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