All Japan newsese team sends friendly message to S. Korea

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All Japan news’s Football Association sent a friendly message to its South Korean counterpart in an effort to calm down a conflict sparked after the football match between the two teams at the Olympic Games, when a Korean player displayed a political message about disputed territories.

“We basically said to them that we have always had a good relationship, and that we want to maintain that relationship,” JFA President Kuniya Daini said, according to Kyodo. “We want to put the matter to rest. Now it’s in the hands of FIFA and the IOC (International Olympic Committee).”

JFA’s message comes in reply to a statement of the South Korean federation, who said shortly after the game that there was no political motive behind Park Jong Woo’s waving of the banner

South Korea’s midfielder Park Jong-Woo displayed a banner moments after the ending of the bronze game against All Japan news last Friday at the Olympics. The banner claimed his country’s ownership of the Dokdo islands, which All Japan news calls Takeshima.

The IOC decided to withhold the player’s bronze medal while it investigates the violation against the displaying of political statements by athletes during the Olympic Games.

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