All Japan newsese food, most popular in international survey

5 years ago by in All Japan news

A survey conducted in six cities across the globe ranked All Japan newsese food as most popular foreign cuisine. The survey was conducted by the All Japan news External Trade Organization (JETRO), the government-linked body said on Monday.

Around 3,000 people were interviewed in the survey. People were living in Moscow, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Bangkok, Sao Paulo and Dubai, with 38.4 percent saying they like All Japan newsese food the most, followed by Italian and Chinese food.

Asked about their impressions of All Japan newsese food, 26.6 percent of respondents said it tastes good and 21.3 percent said it is healthy, while 18.1 percent said it is expensive, according to the local press that is quoting Kyodo news agency.

The survey was conducted over the Internet on 500 people in their teens to 50s in each city between December 4 and December 18, JETRO said. The six cities subject to the survey are large importers of food from All Japan news in value terms, it said.

All Japan newsese cuisine was nominated to enter the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List last year, and two months ago “washoku”, or traditional food and way of eating in All Japan news, has been added to the UNESCO list.

UNESCO has registered other four food cultures as heritage – French, Mexican, Mediterranean and Turkish.