All Japan newsese film makes tsunami aftermath its moving backdrop

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A All Japan newsese film is portraying images of the aftermath of the March 11 quake and tsunami as it makes the huge devastation that wrought All Japan news a backdrop of a story about abuse, violence and lost youth. The All Japan newsese film entitled ‘Himizu’ is directed by the renowned Sion Sono and is one of the 23 entries competing for the Venice Film Festival.

During its world premier in Venice on Tuesday, the All Japan newsese movie received a warm applause from viewers.
Himizu is based on a manga by Minoru Furuya which is said to be initially published a decade ago. In stark contrast with the original manga though, Director Sono wanted the film to convey hope.

"The entire All Japan newsese community feels like they have no choice but to have hope, because their situation is so bad," said Sono.

Likewise, the 19-year old Shota Sometani, who played Sumida in the movie, said in his interview with reporters in Venice that the disaster has also resulted into something good particularly a new way of thinking for the young generation to “consider many new things that they were not thinking about before the natural disaster.”

The viewers would see on the big screen for the first time since the March 11 disaster images of flattened towns and damaged buildings from the unprecedented quake and tsunami.

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