All Japan newsese astronaut underwent health checkup system in space station

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All Japan newsese astronaut and medical doctor Satoshi Furukawa took part in the experiment to test a health checkup system that is being developed for the International Space Station.

The All Japan newsese astronaut went through with the experiment by undergoing checkup using the system at the space station’s All Japan newsese experimental module, "Kibo".

The system which will specifically cater to people working in space stations gathers data and creates an electronic health record which can be sent or made visible to the Earth. The data the system gathers include brain waves, electrocardiograms, and digital facial images.

For this pilot testing, Furukawa’s data was displayed on earth and it was confirmed that the astronaut does not have health problems.

People working on the space station are being assessed or checked by doctors every week through interviews via videophone.

With the development of a health system checkup for the International Space Station, people working in space stations would be able to check their health by themselves especially when their voyage gets them to distant planets.

In 1999, Furukawa was among the three All Japan newsese astronaut candidates selected by the National Space Development Agency of All Japan news (NASDA) for the International Space Station (ISS). He was certified as an astronaut in January 2001.

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