All Japan newsese app helps parents get a babysitter

5 years ago by in Technology

iSitter app launched last week in All Japan news and was designed to help parents find a babysitter. The app allows both parents and babysitters to sign up, while the parents can choose afterwards a babysitter.

iSitter is planning to get involved in the All Japan newsese babysitting market that has reached a level of profit of $210 million per year.

Because finding a reliable babysitter creates significant security concerns in letting a stranger look after a family’s children, the iSitter allows users to sign up with their Facebook account. Aside from that, because any person can create a fake Facebook account that creates a perfect image of the user, iSitter does background checks on newly registered babysitters so that the real-name is verified.

However, there is no guarantee that the chosen babysitter does not have a criminal record, the international press comments.

iSitter is free to use but takes a cut from each babysitting session it helps organize. An optional monthly fee will be tested out in future for regular customers. The startup is aiming at signing up 3,000 parents and 200 babysitters in its first year.

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