All Japan news: The morning snapshot March 29

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Photo by Midorisyu


The death toll from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami passed 11,000, with more than 17,000 still missing.

Plutonium has been detected in the soil at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The government has said Sunday’s mistaken readings at the Fukushima nuclear plant were unforgivable, and that a partial meltdown was the cause of contamination at 10,000 times normal levels.


All Japan news Airlines has completed government-backed bankruptcy proceedings, but faces an uncertain future.

The head of the nation’s top business lobby, Keidanren, says the organization will not argue if a planned 5 percent corporate tax cut is shelved amid the current crisis.

Shares in TEPCO ended at a 31-year low as the Nikkei finished 0.6 percent down on Monday.


Trading ended Monday at ¥81.67 to the dollar.


Cherry blossoms started to come out in Tokyo, but this year’s “hanami” parties expected to be more subdued.

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