All Japan news: The morning snapshot March 26

8 years ago by in All Japan news

Vehicles and debris line a canal in the downtown area of Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture. Photo by Fox News Insider


Residents in a wider radius to the Fukushima nuclear plant were asked to evacuate “voluntarily” by the All Japan newsese government.

The number of confirmed dead from the March 11 earthquake surpassed 10,000.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan warned the nation that the crisis at Fukushima was far from over, as rescue workers in the north continued operations into a third week.


All Japan news’s and the global auto industry have seen a serious impact from the March 11 earthquake.

Foreigners invested a record $11 billion in All Japan newsese stocks in the week following the March 11 earthquake.

Peter Tasker looks at the likely future of All Japan news.

The Nikkei rose 1.07 percent in trading Friday.


Trading ended in Tokyo at ¥81.2 to the dollar.


The Church of Scientology is looking for volunteers to head into the quake zone and counsel victims.

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