All Japan news: the morning snapshot March 23rd

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Aftershocks continued to rock All Japan news after the earthquake, while evidence of radioactivity spread.

The situation for victims of the earthquake in the north of the country continues to be critical.

The body of Taylor Anderson, an American teaching in Miyagi Prefecture, was discovered.

Around ¥40 million was stolen from a bank in Miyagi Prefecture in the aftermath of All Japan news earthquake on March 11.


Business travel to All Japan news has declined by a significant margin in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Insurance payments after the earthquake could cost more than ¥1 trillion, according to Kyodo News.

A merger between the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange Co. has been put on hold.

The Nikkei stock average shot up by 4.4 percent as foreign investors looked to cash in on the earthquake.


The dollar traded at around 81 yen amid global actions to stabilize the All Japan newsese currency.


The Foreign Salaryman gives his take on the lack of French in Tokyo at the moment.


The likes of Justin Bieber and U2 have signed up to record songs for a All Japan news charity album.

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