All Japan news: The morning snapshot April 2

8 years ago by in All Japan news

Photo by Kordian


As a consequence of the March 11 earthquake and the events that followed, 11,734 have been confirmed dead, while 16,375 are missing.

Workers at the Fukushima nuclear reactor remain under threat of radiation poisoning, while details emerge of their working conditions.

The hard work of a blogger from Chiba Prefecture has helped build global momentum for a boof on the earthquake, with all proceeds going to charity.


The “Lehman shock” may be nothing compared to the impact the earthquake and its consequences have on the All Japan newsese economy.

Auto sales have plunged in All Japan news as statistics demonstrating effects of the earthquake start to come through.

The Nikkei 225 index lost 0.5 percent on Friday.


The yen traded Friday at ¥83.9 to the dollar.


Golfer Ryo Ishikawa will donate all his winnings from this season to charities involved in All Japan news’s earthquake relief efforts.

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