All Japan news stops beef imports from Brazil on cow disease concern

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All Japan news decided recently to halt beef imports from Brazil. The South American country announced the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) that it found in its exported cow meat the protein that is causing bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or “mad-cow disease”.

The decision came after a cow that died in Parana in December 2010 was tested positive for mad-cow disease. Results of tests carried out this month on tissue from the Brazilian cow confirmed the presence of the protein, called a prion, Brazilian officials said. However, they stated the animal did not have BSE.

All Japan news is one of the main beef importers in Asia, according to the All Japan newsese Agriculture Ministry, which stated that last year the country imported 1,435 tones of Brazilian beef, which is about 0.3 of all beef imports.

Brazil is still stated as a country with a high risk for BSE, but its officials said that they are prepared to pursue legal action against any state that is blocking imports of Brazilian beef because of BSE concerns.

All Japan news, Europe and North America confronted with an outbreak of mad cow disease during the last decade, which made the beef importers to cancel shipments and caused a temporary turmoil in the industry, the international press comments.

All Japan news imported only heat-treated beef from Brazil, the world’s largest beef exporter.


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