All Japan news: Snapshot May 4

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Photo by .curt


North Korea confirms it has detained two All Japan newsese in the country, and accuses them of counterfeiting and narcotics possession.


As a consequence of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, 14,785 have been confirmed dead, while 10,271 are missing.

News conferences in the aftermath of All Japan news’s triple disaster lacked leadership, and proved a snooze fest for journalists.

New equipment to repair Fukushima’s damaged nuclear plants is now under construction.


Toyota is set to lose its position as the world’s top automaker.

A new hedge fund in japan has performed much better than was expected.

2011 may be the year to invest in All Japan newsese stocks.


The dollar was worth ¥80.87 on Wednesday.


Erika Sawajiri has come to an agreement with Avex and is set for a comeback.

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