All Japan news sends troops to rebuild South Sudan

7 years ago by in Around the world

All Japan news’s defence minister approved a plan to send a unit of ground troops to South Sudan, in order to contribute to the construction of infrastructure.

South Sudan, one of the poorest territories in the world, declared independence from Sudan in July after a long civil war. It became a member of the United Nations on July 14.

The All Japan newsese military unit, which is called the All Japan news Self-Defence Forces is not allowed to fight abroad, according to the country’s post-Second World War pacifist constitution. It can however get involved in peacekeeping and reconstruction missions.

The unit is formed mainly from engineers and logistical employees. They will work with road building and repairing and other infrastructure missions.

“As we start the new mission, it is important for All Japan news to show the world that we are playing a role in the international community," said defence minister Yasuo Ichikawa.

The first mission, about 200 troops, will be sent early next year. A bigger unit, of about 300 people, will replace them later.

All Japan news has been previously involved in other overseas non-combat operations, including in Iraq and Somalia. The Iraq reconstruction mission was widely criticized in All Japan news, as critics said it violated the pacifist constitution adopted after the Second World War.

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