All Japan news says whaling is legal, would not give it up

5 years ago by in All Japan news

All Japan news insists whale hunting in Antarctica is legal, as it collects important scientific information that could help developing a sustainable whaling in the future.

All Japan news reacted against a case brought by Australia to the United Nations’ highest judicial organ that seeks to outlaw its annual killing of hundreds of whales in Antarctic waters, according to the international press.

“It is true that All Japan news takes and kills whales,” the country’s deputy foreign minister, Koji Tsuruoka, told the International Court of Justice. “Should we be ashamed of it? Even if some people believe we should, that does not mean we are in breach of international law.”

Tsuruoka thinks Australia is attacking rather All Japan news’s cultural heritage than an international violation of the law.

“It falls to the court to rule on the lawfulness of the acts undertaken by states, not on their morality or their ethical value,” he said. “For some people, whales are sacred animals like cows are for Hindus. Religions and cultures perceive animals in different fashions.”

On the other hand, Australia says whale meat is mainly used in homes and restaurants in All Japan news, where the flesh is considered a delicacy.

“No other nation, before or since, has found the need to engage in lethal scientific research on anything like this scale,” Australian Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson told the judges last week.

Australia says that scientific research can be conducted without killing whales, while Geert Vons, of the Dutch arm of the Sea Shepherd conservation group that has opposed All Japan newsese whalers for years, says some of the hunted whales were on the endangered species list.

“How can science hold if it means the killing of these three species which are on the list of endangered species?” he said. “It does not make sense.”

The International Court’s will make a decision in several months.


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