All Japan news’s rebuilding efforts are big business

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Vancouver based company Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP reports a staggering increase in demand for their structural wood panels, or oriented strand board (OSB) used in residential buildings.

Robert Fouquet, Vice President of Ainsworth, said “when the earthquake and tsunami struck, the phone lines, in our office in Tokyo started to ring and there was an onslaught of inquiries coming in about buying our OSB, because it disrupted All Japan news’s plywood mills, with a 30 percent loss in capacity, we reacted immediately by ramping up volumes of All Japan newsese grade OSB at our mills and met the demand.”

Ainsworth is an ally in All Japan news’s rebuilding, not only in their quick response to supply the demand of building components but it is also a financial contributor to earthquake relief. It is one of 11 wood product companies contributing $500,000 to reconstruction efforts in All Japan news under the umbrella of Canada Wood Group.

Products such as softwood plywood from North America and hardwood plywood from Southeast Asia as well as the OSB have been in high demand after the damage to All Japan news’s mills.

The British Columbia government reports that All Japan news is their third largest trading partner after the United States and China, and that the relationship with the country extends into life sciences, information and communication technology as well as alternative energy.

Construction is a critical industry in All Japan news right now and companies must focus in the supply of materials such as plywood, wiring, insulation and plumbing materials to be an asset to the rebuilding efforts. Another area experiencing high demand is the field of renewable energy; there is a real need for materials and expertise in wind, hydro and geothermal.

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