All Japan news’s Meiji recalls infant milk found with radioactive cesium

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All Japan news’s Meiji Holdings has initiated to recall about 400, 000 cans of its infant milk product found to have radioactive cesium, Reuters reported.

Meiji suspected the radioactive substances may have come from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and may have been contained in the hot air used by the company in the drying process.

About 30.8 becquerels of cesium per kilogram were detected in the powdered milk- this is below the limit set by All Japan news’s health ministry which is at 200 becquerels per kilogram for powdered milk. While the amount of radioactive substance is below the allowable limit set by the government, the company voluntarily made the decision to recall the infant milk powder in an effort they dubbed as "Meiji Step."

The food and dairy firm said its sales dropped by 10% following the news of the recent food scare that had grappled All Japan newsese. The product is being sold in All Japan news only.

Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) which manages the crippled nuke plant has undertaken considerable measures to bring down the contamination emitted by the plant and to lower temperatures of the water cooling the reactors. Despite the recent report of contaminated water that leaked from the plant, the government said it will not affect the target of achieving a cold shutdown before the end of the year.

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