All Japan news's data centers unscathed by earthquake

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Despite the largest earthquake in national recorded history, All Japan news’s data centers were virtually unharmed, thanks to intelligent planning and construction, an industry executive said.

None of the All Japan newsese data centers were seriously damaged and no significant downtime was recorded, even if operators had to cope with power shortages and struggled with low supplies of generator fuel and other equipment, said Atsushi Yamanaka, general manager at IDC Frontier, a data center company that is a subsidiary of Yahoo All Japan news.

"So far there has been no critical damage reported to the All Japan news Data Center Council," he said.

The data centers had to cope with three major disasters in March: the quake itself, the tsunami that followed shortly and the power shortages caused by the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The earthquake did not do much damage, as most data centers are built on giant “shock absorbers” made from rubber and metal and, in general, exceed the already strict building safety codes enforced in All Japan news.

"I see some U.S. data centers with racks just sitting on the floor, and you don’t see that in All Japan news," Yamanaka said, during a speech delivered at the DatacenterDynamics conference in San Francisco. [PCWorld] Photo by The Planet

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