All Japan news rising: Fertility rate on the up

7 years ago by in All Japan news

All Japan news’s fertility rate posted an increase in 2010, bringing good news to a country concerned that its population is graying.

In 2010, All Japan newsese couples gave birth to 0.02 more children, perhaps the first small step for the country on its way to stabilizing the population.

All Japan news has in recent years seen its population shrink, as the baby boomers, born in the years after World War II have come of age, and needs to find a way to handle its economy as fewer people need to not only take control not only the day to day business of the nation, but also look for ways to handle the huge pension bill.

The survey also showed more women giving birth later in life, with the average age for a first child now standing at 29.9 years old. The increase can be attributed to 0.122 percent more people in their mid- to late-thirties choosing to raises families later in life.

The number of teenagers and people in their early 20s choosing to have children also decreased. Perhaps something to cheer?

Photo by Iandeth