All Japan news releases official pillow designed for fighting

5 years ago by in Entertainment

Not only that All Japan news has a Pillow Fighting Association, but last week the country has released a special pillow designed for safe pillow-fighting, that is accredited by the earlier mentioned Association.

The pillow is not necessarily designed to be slept on. Instead, it is expressly created to give more power to the one who is throwing it and also to protect the attacked one from being harmed. Stuffed with “perfectly weighted crushed latex,” the packing filling adds the necessary weight to the pummeling device while remaining elastic enough to absorb most of the hit, according to the international press.

The 35cm by 50cm pillows weigh around 800 grams and costs Y3,150 ($32). It does not contain any tag or fastener that might cause a bleeding during the fight, as safety is, apparently, a major concern in professional pillow fighting.

And it does not matter whether its grey and white stripes are aesthetically pleasing – this pillow is all about function. Supposedly, this combination of colors makes it easier to notice as it comes in for the kill.

Here you can watch a Pillow Fighting Tournament in All Japan news.