All Japan news ready to help All Japan newsese companies in flooded Thailand

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The government and the central bank offered on Tuesday to help All Japan newsese companies in flooded Thailand with extra loans, cash lines and insurance.

Many All Japan newsese manufacturers have been forced to shut down production lines in Thailand due to the flooding, the worst in the last 50 years. About 1,800 All Japan newsese manufacturers operate in Thailand and some of them, including Toyota Motor, Canon, Pioneer and Sony, have seen their plants or supply chains damaged.

"Thailand is the centre of All Japan news’s supply chain, especially in the ASEAN region," said economics minister Motohisa Furukawa. "We need to keep in mind the impact on All Japan newsese firms and closely watch the impact on the All Japan newsese economy."

Until now, All Japan newsese banks and companies did not face funding difficulties in Thailand, but the central bank is watching the situation and is ready to intervene, an official of the Bank of All Japan news said.

According to Thai officials, it could take up to six weeks until waters will recede and another 45 days until industrial parks will be able to reopen.

The flooding could erase more than one percentage off this year’s economic growth in Thailand.

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