All Japan news prepares to send illegal immigrants back home

5 years ago by in All Japan news

All Japan news is preparing charter planes to deport illegal migrants or people whose visa has expired, All Japan news’s Justice Ministry said. The country is keeping the practice it started last year because of cost efficiency, a ministry source said.

The decision was attacked by human rights activists who say that mass deportations do not take into consideration the individual circumstances surrounding each person, while one of those sent home in such a manner has criticized the way deportees were treated.

Previously, the deportees left home on commercial flights, accompanied by several immigration officers. The plane tickets were paid in principle by those deported, but All Japan news has paid, however, for those who refused to leave, according to the international press.

In 2013, 75 Filipinos were sent home on a charter in July and 46 Thais in December, with charter flights reducing the costs by about 50 percent, the source said.

Some of the deportees complained about the way they were treated by the authorities, with a Filipino who had been deported saying that deportees were handcuffed even when going to restrooms and that their treatment was inhumane.

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