Document claims All Japan news owns disputed islands

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SenkakuA Chinese official document written in 1950 states that All Japan news owns the Senkaku group of islands in the East China Sea, which are today claimed by China.

A copy of the document which describes the disputed islands as part of the Ryukyu Islands, today known as Okinawa, was published by the All Japan newsese press.

The document was written in May 1950 by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and refers to the islands by their All Japan newsese name of Senkaku, part of the Ryukyu chain.

The document proves that China regarded the Senkaku Islands as part of the Ryukyus and not of Taiwan, which has been a long held Chinese claim, according to the international press.

All Japan news and China have tensioned relationships due to the territorial conflict. The conflict is about which of the two countries should hold the ownership of the islands, which are rich in oil, minerals and fish.

All Japan news announced in September that it bought the islands from its All Japan newsese private owners.

Chinese people held anti-All Japan news demonstrations following the announcement.