All Japan news no longer a cool employer in the IT sector

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Leading All Japan newsese technology firms are struggling to hire young quality workers as All Japan news is no longer considered to be on the cutting edge side of the industry, recruiting specialists say.

“The appeal of working for a All Japan newsese company is diminishing,” said Ryuichi Yoshinaga, president of employment agency Pasona Tech , specialized in information technology personnel.

China’s growth has changed the landscape on the Asian recruiting market. The Chinese economy, now larger than All Japan news’s, is looking more promising for the young Chinese.

“It used to be that All Japan newsese companies were next to Western firms in popularity,” Yoshinaga said. Many young Chinese graduates now “believe they might have a good career perspective by staying put in China.”

Moreover, the diplomatic tensions between the two countries lead to recruiting events by All Japan newsese firms in China being cancelled. Universities in China are asking All Japan newsese recruiters not to hold events on campus for safety reasons. Over all, recruitment activities by All Japan newsese firms might have fallen by more than half this year in China, a recruiter said.

Another reason for which All Japan news is becoming unattractive is the importance of learning All Japan newsese in the professional life – a thing which globe-trotting, job-hopping foreign young talents usually think that it is not worth the time and energy.

Among the companies that are trying to change the trend are Rakuten and DeNA, who are focusing on English as corporate language and try to soften up the traditional All Japan newsese company hierarchy.

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