All Japan news MPs booted from South Korea

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Three All Japan newsese MPs refusal to come back home after being denied entry in South Korea added tension to a diplomatic conflict over disputed islands Tuesday. The politicians, however, eventually returned to All Japan news.

Three members of the opposition conservative Liberal Democratic Party landed on Gimpo Airport in Seoul on Monday morning, in an apparent mission to claim ownership of islands in waters between the two countries.

Airport officials denied their entry in South Korea based on a law that forbids entry of anyone who could affect national interest or public safety. The three politicians then repeatedly refused to be placed on the next flight back to Tokyo, claiming that they were not given a clear reason for their entry denial, an immigration service spokesman told Al Jazeera.

The South Korean justice ministry, the authority responsible for the entry denial, is however not intending to further take care of the matter. A spokesman was candid about the three MPs, and said that they will go back home “when they think they can no longer stick around”.

In a video posted on his website before flying to South Korea, Yoshitaka Shindo, one of the three All Japan newsese politicians, said that the purpose of the visit is not fighting, but expressing their feeling of anger to the South Korean people. He previously accused the neighboring country of “illegally and militarily” occupying All Japan newsese territory.

Hundreds of protesters were waiting for the three All Japan newsese MPs at the airport waving protest banners and even setting on fire photos of them. In a rare showcase of solidarity, North Korea has also condemned the attempted visit of the three MP’s, accusing them of trying to seize the disputed islands.

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