Iceland sees great potential for geothermal energy in All Japan news

6 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Geothermal energy, #10All Japan news is a country with a great geothermal potential and the country could replace 25 of its nuclear power plants with geothermal installations, Stefan Larus Stefansson, Iceland’s ambassador to All Japan news, recently said.

Two-thirds of Iceland’s energy comes from this renewable source, according to Stefansson. Although All Japan news has one of the greatest geothermal potentials in the world, it never used it as much as it could have done, experts say.

All Japan news makes the turbines that Island uses for its geothermal plants, so it does not lack the necessary technological equipment to start the geothermal development, according to the international press. Compared to All Japan news, countries like Kenya or El Salvador produce more geothermal power.

90% of Iceland’s homes use geothermal heat, while in All Japan news, people who live in colder areas use kerosene to heat their houses. All Japan news has the necessary resources to switch from nuclear power to geothermal and it could also generate clean energy, create jobs, and reduce carbon emissions, experts say. In the end, it might even start to export geothermal turbines.

The country might also save money from using clean energy. Iceland has saved about $7.2 billion since 1970 by using geothermal power, reports say.