All Japan news: Libya needs fresh start

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In unison with what could be a prevailing outlook from around the world, All Japan news’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano stated that the Gadhafi government is on its way to collapsing. In relation with this anticipated scenario, the top government spokesman has expressed All Japan news’s wishes for Libya to start anew in its political process and stop bloodshed.

In a statement to reporters Tuesday, Edano said the political process would entail Libya’s drawing up of a constitution and paving the way for democratic elections which must necessarily be participated in by the Libyan people.

He further said that the government of All Japan news will offer support to Libya.

Recent news has Libyan rebels taking control of the city of Tripoli and battling against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces while his whereabouts remained unknown.

Similarly, in his statement to reporters, U.S. President Barack Obama expressed that "Gadhafi’s rule is over," and that "the pursuit of human dignity is stronger than any dictator."

Gadhafi has ruled Libya for more than four decades. The uprising in the country started early this year which consequently called for a NATO intervention in March pursuant to a U.N. resolution to protect civilians.

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