All Japan news helps Thailand fight floods

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A All Japan newsese agency has sent a special plane that can take radar-enabled photos to help survey the floods in Thailand, a favor in return for Thailand’s help this spring when a quake and tsunami devastated All Japan news.

The plane, which belongs to All Japan news Aerospace Exploration Agency, is able to take high resolution photos from above, including through clouds or bad weather.

It was a similar thing that Thailand did for All Japan news a few months ago, when it delivered free of charge a number of 55 high resolution overview images of disaster struck areas in All Japan news, taken from a Thai satellite.

Thailand is making efforts to contain a month-long inundation. Embankment walls along the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok can sustain water up to 2.50 metres high, more than the record level of 2.10 metres registered last year.

Residents in 10 villages in Kao Leo district are out of drinking water, while trains between Bangkok and the north area are suspended on certain distances due to water flooding the tracks. The 17-cm flood level was considered too high for rail safety regulations.

Schools and other educational institutions were disrupted and need to reschedule activities, according to the local authorities.

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