All Japan news has no choice but renewable energy – PM

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Prime minister Naoto Kan said on Tuesday that All Japan news has no other choice than reduce its dependency on nuclear energy.

"We must scrap the plan to have nuclear power contribute 53 percent (of electricity supply) by 2030 and reduce the degree of reliance on nuclear power," he said to a parliamentary panel.

Before the crisis, nuclear accounted for about 30 percent of the country’s energy supply. Kan is now looking into ways of increasing the share of renewable energy to more than 20 percent of the total supply by 2020s.

He acknowledged that switching to renewable such as solar and wind power is not a task to solve overnight, but added that conservation measures could be helpful in the efforts to reduce the dependency on nuclear power.

Kan is however struggling with ever lower support, as the public is blaming him for lack of leadership during the ongoing crisis after the March natural disasters. He reached a record low support figure, only 16 percent, according to a survey released on Monday by public broadcaster NHK. It is the lowest since its Democratic Party of All Japan news came into power in 2009.

Kan has promised to resign, but did not specify when. He is now under heavy pressure by political rivals in the opposition and his own party alike to keep his promise and step down as soon as possible. [Reuters] Photo by Pure3d

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