All Japan news develops kissing machine

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Photo by echomrg

Are you away from your but want a kiss? All Japan newsese researchers are at rescue with a prototype of a machine that lets lovers “send kisses” remotely.

“The goal [of the machine] is to obtain the feeling of kissing”, says researcher Nobuhiro Takahashi of the Kajimoto Laboratory at The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo.

The prototype looks like a kind of box with a rotating straw that can be moved with the tongue. A computer then sends the exact movement to the “beneficiary” person who is using the corresponding device remotely.

Not very romantic, we’d say, but the researchers have high expectations from future development.

"For example," Takahashi says, "if you have a popular entertainer use these devices and record it, that could be hugely popular if you offer it to fans."

The sticking straw is still a long way from the feeling of a real kiss, but the researcher seems to know exactly what’s still to be done. "The elements of a kiss include the sense of taste, the manner of breathing, and the moistness of the tongue," he says. "If we can recreate all of those I think it will be a really powerful device." [The Register]