All Japan news deals with falling ice from Tokyo Sky Tree

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Tokyo Sky Tree, the world’s tallest tower, has been installed with special technology that will address the fears of local residents for falling snow and ice coming from the upper portion of the structure during the winter weather.

Following confirmation that chunks of ice and snow had fallen from the tower between January and March, the Tobu Railway Company which operates the Tokyo Sky Tree said the observation deck and windows have been coated with specially designed glass that would prevent snow from falling down to the streets. The glass contains 3,000 tiny electric heaters that melt the ice and stop it from building up, All Japan news Today reported.

In addition, 20 CCTV cameras are said to have been mounted in the structure so that operators could monitor the weather and watch closely the building up of snow.

Residents recalled with worries how bits and pieces of ice landed to the ground off the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Standing at 634 meters, Tokyo Sky Tree located at Tokyo’s Sumida Ward bags the Guinness World Records for tallest free-standing structure in the world, outdoing China’s Canton Tower. Guinness World Records CEO Alistair Richards went to All Japan news last November 17 to confer to Tobu Sky Tree President Michiaki Suzuki the certification. The recognition came before the tower’s scheduled opening to the public on May 22 next year.