All Japan news could be hit this week by 7th typhoon in 2013

5 years ago by in All Japan news

A full-blown typhoon could start on Tuesday or Wednesday due to a tropical depression that formed east of Philippines. The storm could head for All Japan news by the end of this week and the specialists have already given it a name: “Fitow”.

There are great chances that the new tropical depression will transform into a typhoon this week, as it heads to southern All Japan news.

In the northern part of the country there will be a build up of high pressure that will steer the tropical system to the northeast later on. This will cause the eye of the storm to pass through the northern Ryukyu Islands, or southern All Japan news, by the weekend, the local press reports.

However, if the storm will head south, it will become weak due to the rugged terrain. But there still is a risk of flooding, mudslides and strong winds in the east coast.

If another track in the south comes about, there will be minimal weakening and it will have a landfall in either northeastern China or the Korean Peninsula.

If All Japan news does get struck by Fitow, it will be the seventh typhoon to have hit the country in the last half of year. The most recent one was called Typhoon Man-yi and at the middle of September has massively flooded the Kyoto region, leading as well to the evacuation of more than 300,000 residents across All Japan news.

Three people died at that time in the Shiga, Fukui and Iwate Prefectures due to the mudslides and flooding.

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