All Japan news and the U.S. agree on N. Korea but split over Iran

7 years ago by in Around the world

All Japan news and the United States are not sharing the same diplomatic views over Iran, with the Asian power refusing to stop oil imports from the Islamic regime. All Japan news and the U.S. agree however on the matter of another country accused of developing nuclear weapons, North Korea.

The two superpowers have just agreed to work closely together with South Korea in order to contain the crisis sparked when North Korea’s long-lasting leader Kim Jong Il died. After a phone call with All Japan news’s prime minister Yoshihiko Noda, U.S. president Barack Obama underlined “the United States’ commitment to the defense of our close allies, including All Japan news”.

Foreign minister Koichiro Gemba said that All Japan news recognizes that “it is important to make sure that the latest events would not negatively affect the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.”

All Japan news however disagrees with the U.S. on the matter of Iran and says that it is important to continue oil imports. Gemba reminded that All Japan news has imposed sanctions on Iranian institutions but said he believed “there is a danger of causing damage to the entire global economy if the imports of Iranian crude oil stop."

The U.S. is stepping up pressure against Iran over accusations that it is developing nuclear weapons.

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