All Japan news offended by Australia in campaign against whaling

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All Japan news accused Australia of offending its national dignity in a campaign against whaling, adding that what Australia claimed to be killing, in reality was conducted for scientific purpose. All Japan news’s lawyer at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Payam Akhavan, said Australia had accused All Japan news of lying to the world.

“Needless to say this is a serious accusation, an affront to the dignity of a nation. Surely it is not an accusation to be made lightly,” he said. Australia said All Japan news was practicing commercial whaling under the pretext of science.

“You might think it is bad science or unnecessary science, but in our submission, it is an absurd exaggeration to say that this is not scientific at all”, All Japan news’s lawyer, Vaughan Lowe said. On the other hand, Australia’s representatives said that in fact, whaling was for commercial gain.

Australia’s actions might have long term and serious consequences, the media writes.

“If the hijacking of the convention, if the politicization of science persists, if the tradition and cultures of people are sacrificed to appease other people’s sentiments and selective moral judgment, if international law continues to be disregarded, soon there will be no whaling nations at IWC (International Whaling Commission)”, Payam Akhavan said.

Also, Akhavan added that Australia tolerates the attacks of environmental activists, like Sea Shepherd, on All Japan newsese whaling fleets.

The trial at the court in Hague might take months, until the 16-judge panel will deliver a verdict.

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