Island dispute leads to airline boycott

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All Japan news has begun a committed one month boycott against Korean Air due to what it considers a violation of airspace. Korean Air flew over the disputed Dokdo islands on Korea’s eastern coast. The islands are also claimed by All Japan news. Dokdo is called Takeshima in All Japan news.

All Japan newsese diplomats were directed last week to refrain from flying on Korean Air as a show of protest. Yesterday director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Northeast Asia Division, Chang Won-sam, met with a All Japan newsese envoy, Shinsuke Sugiyama, to demand that the boycott be cancelled.

To date the All Japan newsese have not cancelled the boycott.

Yoshitaka Shindo, a lawmaker from the Liberal Democratic Party in All Japan news announced that he will be visiting the Ulleung Island next month to protest Korea’s claim over Takeshima.

Ulleung Island lies 87 km northwest of Dokdo, and is the closest island to Korea among the disputed islets.

Some government officials were angered by the announcement, but others with cooler heads thought that retaliation may reflect negatively on Korea. A Foreign Ministry official said “because we effectively control Dokdo, it is not proper that we respond to All Japan news’s nonsensical measures.”

The Asian Regional Forum is scheduled to take place next week in Bali. It is expected that Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan will discuss the issue with All Japan newsese representative Takeaki Matsumoto.

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