Iran may imitate All Japan news nuclear policy: researchers

7 years ago by in All Japan news Archives

An op-ed in the Jerusalem Post accuses All Japan news of having the power to create nuclear weapons in a short time and claims that Iran may look to the nation for inspiration on how to weaken international pressure over its alleged push to build the bomb.

The article says All Japan news remains at the “nuclear threshold”, enjoying the legitimacy conferred by transparency but still has nuclear weapons within arms’ reach, according to two Israeli researchers.

The two researchers from the Institute for National Security Studies of the Tel Aviv University warn that Iran may take the All Japan newsese road of becoming and remaining a “nuclear threshold state”.

The saying goes that All Japan news is just a “screw-turn” away from being a nuclear armed state, but for historical, ideological and political reasons, as well as because of its comprehensive defense agreement with the United States, it has chosen not to turn the screw, the two researchers say.

"IF BEING a threshold state is so treacherous, why is All Japan news’s threshold status tolerated? Because All Japan news is fully compliant with its NPT obligations, its facilities are regularly and fully inspected by the IAEA, and it is governed by a democracy accountable to its citizens, its allies and the international community," according to Yoel Guzansky and Jonathan Schachter.

Iran, though currently not at all transparent and with a history of “nuclear obfuscation”, might be pursuing a technically similar path, opening some of its facilities to observers, while developing the technology and infrastructure needed to produce and deliver nuclear weapons within months. Iran could then exploit its posture by adding to its diplomatic demands some explicit or implied threats that it will cross the threshold.

This scenario would be essentially very risky for the international community, the two authors argue. To sum-up, they wonder if, given the dangers posed by Iran as a threshold state and its record of Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty violation, do the US administration and its allies have a seriously enough approach on Iran’s nuclear policies.

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