Information on foreigners that left All Japan news

8 years ago by in All Japan news

Photo by Danny Choo

The Ministry of Justice has published information on foreigners leaving and entering All Japan news between March 5 and April 8, and there are few surprises.

By country, China, S. Korea, US, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, England, Hong Kong and India had the most leave the country in that order.

In terms of visas, Almost 294,000 of the 671,000 that left were here on short stays. There were 76,000 here on study abroad trips that left the country, and 81,500 permanent residents that left. Another 25,400 people that left were on specialist in humanities visas, which most teachers have, while 15,500 had engineering visas.

While 671,000 left the country, only 458,000 entered over the course of the month.