Incredible Artists Draw Dragons In A Single Brush Stroke

4 years ago by in Entertainment


Challenge Accepted.

You would think that it’s impossible for any artist to create a painting of a dragon all in one single brush stroke but wait till you see these amazing artists who can do just that. They are able to accomplish a whole lot more with just a single brush stroke. With just one brush stroke they were able to do anything that you would expect in a high quality painting, such as incorporate patterns and depth. The artists that you’re about to see specialize in what is called “Hitofude Ryuu”, which are basically dragon paintings that they create with a single stroke. It’s no surprise that the results are very impressive.



source: YouTube

Here are more videos that you’ll definitely enjoy!

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

However, that doesn’t mean that only dragons can be painted with just one brush stroke…

source: YouTube

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