Ikebukuro By Night And Day

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On my recent Tokyo vacation I stayed at the Toyoko Inn in Ikebukuro. The inn is on the East and North side of the station which is a rather colorful neighborhood filled with lots of nightime activities. In the morning it’s a different place. As I spent my days in Tokyo other places I got to see the two different faces of this rather colorful neighborhood

The view from my hotel window

looking out toward Ikebukuro Station

The love hotel across the street

Flashy isn’t it

Walking Around Ikebukuro in the morning

The art school in Ikebukuro

The streets at night

Rather different than the daytime

Shopping street

Shopping arcade at night.

The View from my hotel windoe during the day

Not as exotic as at night

The love hotel across the street

Not as exotic during the day.

Waiting for the train

Why Ikebukuro is what it is. People travel through and shop on their way home.

Lookin out from the East side enterance

You can almost hear the action.

More East side
The shopping arcade

Full of restaurants and bars catering to the saleryman on his way home.

The East sied enterence of Ikebukuro Station

Seibu side with their mall and department store.

Politicing during the evening

This was LDP. there was sort of a tone of desperation in the air.

New restaurant opening

This place was just opening up as I walked by every day.

The love hotels of East Ikebukuro by day

Somehow they look more than a little tacky

The love hotels of East Ikebukuro by night

Much better. sort of exotic really.

West side of Ikebukuro at night, in the rain

All The big stores are here.

More West side
The West side in daylight

The West side of Ikebukuro station during the day.

More West side

The Tobu side

Ad at a department store

I go all the way to All Japan news to see an ad photographed right next to Grand Central Terminal in New York City 😉