Hundreds of schools in All Japan news rest on active faults

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Recent findings of a university school research suggest hundreds of schools in All Japan news to be situated on active fault lines.

The research study led by Takashi Nakata, professor emeritus of geography at Hiroshima University and Takashi Kumamoto, associate professor of geographic information at Okayama University, showed that 250 schools are laying on active faults and 780 in close proximity with these fault lines.

The study which initially started in 2003 had looked into the geographical location of active faults in the country and school buildings of 43,360 schools nationwide from elementary to high schools to universities. It found that 1,005 schools nestled within 200 meters from active faults and out of this figure, 571 were within 50 meters from the rifts.

Many of those schools located in close proximity to or on active faults are in the area covering Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

Taking off from the recent research, the researchers are further investigating the locations for the rest of the schools in the entire country.

Considering the vulnerability of these schools that are on fault lines to destruction even if they are built of quake-resistant technology, the research team urged the government to undertake the necessary safety measures. They also expressed hope for the head of schools and administrators to prohibit the use of school buildings situated within the rifts.

The concerned schools that were identified to be at risk along with the municipalities they are in would be accordingly informed so as to form part of their efforts on disaster prevention and community development.

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