How do Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft share console supremacy

6 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Nintendo’s 3DS portable gaming console continues to lead in All Japan news, but is topped by rivals in Europe and the U.S., according to data released by the All Japan newsese company.

At a presentation for investors last weekend, Nintendo presented charts showing that the 3DS outsold Sony’s PlayStation 3 in All Japan news in every but one week of 2012.

“In the previous year-end sales season, the All Japan newsese game market witnessed explosive sales of the Nintendo 3DS, and this momentum has been maintained,” according to the company.

In North America, however, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has led the market in the first three months of the year, with the PlayStation 3 beginning to increase sales in March. The 3DS is on the third place, but very closely of losing its spot to Sony’s latest portable console, the PlayStation Vita.

Moving to Europe, where Sony has traditionally been strongest, the PlayStation 3 is leading sales this year.

A more detailed presentation of Nintendo’s charts can be accessed on the company’s website.