Honda's newest CR-V model to hit All Japan news on Dec. 2

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Honda Motor’s Co. has announced it will begin selling the all-new CR-V across the country on December 2.

The newest, fourth-generation CR-V is said to be more advanced in every aspect such as in the design, packaging and technology. It has an increased fuel economy, improved comfort, more spacious interior and cargo area.

Referring to the 2012 CR-V Concept, Honda said "The new CR-V Concept embraces a distinctive and bold styling direction. Compared to the previous generation, the concept model takes on a more aggressive stance with deeper sculpting of the body lines and a bolder front fascia.” The company added that “The exterior of the 4th-generation CR-V is sleek and stylish, while the accommodating and spacious interior promises a host of new possibilities.”

Honda started manufacturing CR-V in 1995 to respond to public demand from the company for a sport-utility vehicle. Honda’s CR-V is globally recognized as a pioneer in the modern SUV market being the first in introducing a combination of car-like ride comfort and exceptional utility.

It is available in 160 countries with sales of over 500,000 units every year worldwide. Since 1995, a sum of more than 5 million CR-V automobiles have been sold from all over the world, All Japan news Today reported.

All of CR-V models are eligible for All Japan news’s eco-car tax incentives. The price for the latest model ranges between 2.48 million yen and 2.75 million yen.

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