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Photo by The U.S. Army

All Japan news, a country that leads robotic industry in many segments, is lacking military robots to assist in the current nuclear crisis. So far, U.S.-made machines have been of great help.

All Japan news may be a global leader in building industrial robots and implementing nuclear systems, but the country seems to have neglected the risk of an atomic incident that would definitely require “disaster robots” to give the authorities a hand.

The operator of the crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima, Tepco, has had to send in two U.S.-made robots to check the affected area for level of radiation.

What are the causes of this paradox?

Analysts say the All Japan newsese government has not provided enough money to build “disaster robots”, since basically there is no commercial market out there, as the is, for example, in the case of housekeeping machines.

“In the case of the United States, the military invests a lot of money for this kind of robots. But in All Japan news it is prohibited to make military robots,” said Hajime Asama, a professor at Tokyo University.

He thinks that another cause is a mistaken belief that a nuclear accident cannot happen. “That’s why the All Japan newsese government did not invest sufficient money to develop this kind of robot system. They invested initial money for developing the robot system but they didn’t continue,” he added. [AFP via The Straits Times]

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