Hokkaido #3 – Otaru

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Otaru is a small town about 30 minutes from Sapporo by JR, famous for it’s beer, glasswork and the old-fashioned canal running trough the city. We had also heard that the seafood in Otaru was supposed to be something special and that there are plenty of beautiful beaches near the city (but due to the weather we didn’t bother to check these out). Another interesting thing is that the street signs in Otaru often also has russian written on them. Northern Hokkaido is not that far from Russia after all…

We arrived around noon and started by visiting a huge park next to the harbor.


Does anyone know what kind of bird that might have dropped this?

Wo got a great view of the skyline from the Park.

The central ("downtown"?) part of Otaru didn’t really seem to have that much to offer.

…But the area around the canal was nice.

Cute candles

Canal during the daytime.

Plenty of charming old buildings. Many of them are restaurants.

The Sushi I had in one of them was the best I’ve ever had. And for the same price as regular kaiten sushi in Tokyo!

Touristy old-fashioned taxis giving a guided tour to those willing to pay for it. That’s not us.

Otaru beer and Otaru glasswork combined into one….piece of art?

More glass-art.

There’s plenty of old houses in Otaru. Not sure if they are still in use or just abandoned.

A grilled squid for dinner. Delicious!

The canal at night. One of the cities most famous tourist attractions, but this one was actually worth seeing.

There’s an abundance of cosy stores like this one.


Around 10 pm we decided it was time to head back to Sapporo.