Google: All Japan news is the most accessed Asian country on Street View

5 years ago by in All Japan news

All Japan news is the most viewed Asian country on Google Street View – the service that provides panoramic images of a specific city, location or landmark -, according to Google’s data released on Thursday.

Google Street View, which includes images from nine Asian countries, overwhelmingly showed that All Japan news is drawing more attention than any other country on the continent.

Asian governments are not concerned with privacy issues; instead they are more than happy to allow Google Street View’s teams to take photographs, the international media comments.

Even more, local governments usually partner with Google – via their tourism departments – because they see the value that Street View can bring to their tourism industries.

According to Street View program manager Ulf Spitzer, in All Japan news Mount Fuji is at the head of the top virtual tourism destination list. In fact, All Japan news occupies the top six most visited Street View location slots, followed by Taiwan and Singapore.

“What is surprising is how many sites that have not been popular offline became online hits,” said Spitzer in a statement on Google Asia Pacific blog.

The most viewed place in All Japan news is Mount Fuji, followed by Hashima Island, Dotonburi Canal and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. On the fifth place comes Osaka Castle Park, followed by Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Jiou Fen Old Street (Taiwan), View of the Marina Bay Sands from Fullerton Heritage Promenade (Singapore) and Yufuin Park, All Japan news.

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