Gangnam Style hits No. 1 on YouTube All Japan news

6 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

gangnamSouth Korean rapper Psy and his song “Gangnam Style” seem to become famous in All Japan news too. Last week, “Gangnam Style” has ranked No. 1 on YouTube All Japan news, as it was the most-played video.

Psy’s hit was uploaded for the first time on YouTube in July and since then it became one of the fastest spread video in the history of the Internet. It recently smashed a record for being the first video to have 1 billion views on YouTube.

However, All Japan news did not seem to follow the horse dancing craze until recently, when All Japan newsese fans seemed to get infected too with the Gangnam fever, just like the rest of the world, the international press comments.

Although Psy has been promoting himself all around the globe in Europe, North and South America and parts of Asia, he has not focused on promotions in All Japan news, which could explain Gangnam’s relatively low popularity in the country.

Two months ago, South Korean fans were speculating that the territorial dispute over a group of islands between the two countries might be the reason behind the cold reaction of the All Japan newsese to Psy’s worldwide success.

Various All Japan newsese music blogs have even suggestedthat the Korean singer got his huge success on YouTube thanks to users in his country who are using automated page refreshing applications, known as “bots”.

Some even called the dance as “F5 style”, referring to the keyboard used to refresh web pages.