Fukushima nuclear waste clean-up working, says tech company

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The Silicon Valley startup Kurion, a nuclear tech company involved in the cleanup efforts in All Japan news’s disaster-hit region of Fukushima, has said that cleaning of contaminated water is working. Cesium levels in the contaminated water in the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was reduced by more than 40% since the clean-up efforts.

Kurion is the lone American company to work in the cleanup efforts in the country. Along with it, huge All Japan newsese firms Hitachi and Toshiba, and French nuclear provider AREVA, are also working on the cleanup of about 90 million gallons of contaminated water.

Not only are the waters contaminated with nuclear materials but also of debris, oil and salt from seawater.

Kurion which has been in existence for three years, explained that the cleanup in All Japan news entails a standard process called vitrification. The nuclear tech company, however, is undertaking this standard way in a cheaper, faster and more efficient manner.

Kurion’s CEO John Raymont was quoted saying, the group has been speeding up the cleaning process since June in anticipation of the rainy season during the said month which could result to the overflow of contaminated water and which would bring environmental damage in the area. There are also concerns of water overflow as more earthquakes are said to occur in the area.

All Japan news continues to grapple with its reconstruction works in disaster-hit regions including the ongoing efforts on addressing the nuclear disaster that ensued from the March 11 quake and tsunami. All Japan news’s nuclear disaster is recorded as the world’s worst in 25 years.

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